A Variety of Stunning Offices
Regardless of your business scale, you'll find numerous types of offices including co-working space, cubical office, private office, etc.
  • Coworking Space
    Well decorated shared office and coworking space with great vibe, an affordable option for early stage companies
    Shared Office Coworking Space Early Stage
  • Dedicated Desks
    A semi-open office dedicated desks with comfortable chairs. Great choice for small and growing company.
    Cubicles Dedicated Desks Small Team
  • Independent office
    70-1000 square meters fine decoration office to protect office privacy
    Small enterprises Accelerator Local conditions
Professional Full-service
We provide you well-equipped facilities and most cost-effective professional service for your business growth.
  • Quality facilities
  • Tracking service
  • Conference Room
  • Roadshow Hall
  • Coffee
  • Wireless network
  • Shared printer
  • Book
  • Relations
  • Summits
  • Mentors
  • Marketing
  • Fund
  • Loan
Hai Chuang Yun provides you with office facilities such as shared conference room, negotiation area, road show hall, sharing small secretary, coffee bar, book bar and so on.
Global Elites Community
The business ecosystem of our enterprises, business service providers, financial institution and international talents.
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Recent Events
  • 海创云在我们企业入驻时建立了非常详细的跟踪服务档案。在他们的倾力帮助下,我们成功地申报高新、获得武昌区年度十佳创业明星和武昌英才,企业得以腾飞。
  • 我们是最早入驻海创云的企业之一,在他们的指导、帮助下,我们从3个人的团队发展成80余人、获得A轮融资的团队。海创云不仅帮助我们争取到房租补贴、项目资助,还为我们嫁接近百万的业务。
  • We're Economic Development Agency San Nicolas, Argentina. 2017 we visited China invited by the City Concil of Wuhan, and met CCSE group. We were impressed by how they effectively turned numerous startups to fast-growing companies. We felt really excited and motivated and established a partnership with them. And now we're working hard to put resources together to help international companies and talents in two places.
  • Jason Chen
  • Cindy Wang
  • Natalia Nella